Upon the founding values of personal liberty, the right to freedom of choice, the right to differentiation and identity and their free expression, BHVS hereby forms its own Armorial Registry conforming to the principles, rules, and usages of heraldry.


The registration of a coat-of-arms in the AR shall mean that, according to expert opinion, such coat-of-arms is in conformity with the principles of heraldry. Read thus, the AR performs a solely representative and informative function, exclusive of any legal consequences. The AR does not regulate, or purport to regulate, matters falling within the ambit of copyright law or any other related laws.


The AR shall cover the heraldic territory of the BHVS. Being a private independent non-profit not-for-gain association, the BHVS does not purport to be a heraldic authority; consequently, the BHVS does not grant arms in terms of the law of arms and a registration of a coat-of-arms may not be interpreted to constitute a grant of arms. The BHVS accepts as a source of law on this and fons honorum to be the Bulgarian people acting through their elected representatives in the National Assembly; the democratically-elected President; the Tsar of the Bulgarians and the Church in accordance with custom.


Between 1.11.2006 - 31.12.2007 twelve arms have been registered after the previous statute.





C1-1/ 2010.05.01


Bulgarian Heraldry and Vexillology Society


A1-2/ 2010.12.06 

Village of Vetren Dol, Municipality of Septemvri

F1-3/ 2010.12.22

Alexander K. Alexiev

F2-4/ 2010.12.22

Yanko Iliev

A2-5/ 2011.03.18

Village of Varvara, Municipality of Septemvri

A3-6/ 2011.03.18

Village of Lozen, Municipality of Septemvri
F3-7/ 2011.06.08   Hristo S. Andreev

A4-8/ 2011.06.08

Village of Kovachevo, Municipality of Septemvri

F4-9/ 2012.05.24

Atanas A. Paskalev

A5-10/ 2012.11.16

Village of Zlokuchene, Municipality of Septemvri

D1-11/ 2012.11.16

True-Orthodox Bulgarian Church

F5-12/ 2012.11.16

Dimitar S. Popov

F6-13/ 2012.11.27

Ivaylo S. Chatov

F7-14/ 2012.12.22

  Simeon G. Yordanov  

F8-15/ 2013.06.10

Avgust D. hadzhi Petrov

F9-16/ 2013.10.13

  Petko L. Lalov  
  F10-17/ 2013.11.20   Dobri D. Kovachev  
  F11-18/ 2013.12.06   Stoyan H. Antonov  

F12-19/ 2014.03.15

  Peter M. Gvozdev  

A6-20/ 2015.05.21

  Village of Sinitovo, Municipality of Pazardzhik  

F13-21/ 2015.06.10

  Martin D. Tashev  

F14-22/ 2015.06.11

  Nikolay E. Hadzhidonchev  

F15-23/ 2015.06.14

  Lyubomir N. Kyuchukov  

F16-24/ 2017.12.25

  Krasimir M. Dimitrov, Lavsov Family  

F17-25/ 2017.12.28

  Tihomir V. Lazarov  

A7-26/ 2018.02.01

  Village of Miryantsi, Municipalty of Pazardzhik